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Citizens of countries, which are not European Union members

It does not matter. Whether one or more properties, their total value must be at least 250.000 Euros.

From the value mentioned on the purchase or the rent contract.

It does not matter as long as the company shares or the shareholdings belong in whole to the person that will request the residence permit .

No, several alternative options exist:

  • Purchase of real estate property, or
  • Timesharing agreement with a duration of at least 10 years, or
  • Lease with a duration of at least 10 years of hotel facilities or fur-nished homes in combined tourist facilities (according to Law 4002/2011—article 8§2).

Type C—Schengen visa: its holder may stay in Greece and the other Schengen countries for up to 90 days per six-month period. This period start on the day of the first entry in the Schengen area. If the visa is valid for one entry and the citizen of a third country wishes to enter Greece again, he/she should request a new visa.

Type D—national visa: there is a special provision for real estate property owners or perspective buyers. Its duration is up to 365 days. Its holder may stay in Greece during the whole period and travel to or from Greece as often as desired. He/she may travel to other Schengen countries for a up to 90 days per six-month period.

The conditions are different.

Schengen visa (type C) :

the general conditions for a type C visa are applied.

National visa for real estate owners or perspective buyers (type D) :

there is distinction between those who request a national visa in order to come to Greece and

either purchase real estate property,

or have already purchased such property and intend to request a residence permit .

The applicant should take into consideration the following:

- no specific type of visa is required for the real estate property purchase or ac-quisition.

- If the foreign citizen needs a long period for research or after the acquisition wishes to stay in Greece for an extended period of time, a type D national visa is appropriate.

- If 90 days per six month period is long enough, and wishes to request anew an entry visa for the next trip to Greece, then a type C Schengen visa suffices.

- In both cases, the application for a residence permit must have been submitted before the expiration of the visa. The applicant can also choose to submit the application through a proxy person.

Yes, for another 5 years each time, provided that the applicant still owns the property

Yes. The may request individual residence permits . They must though sub-mit separate applications. Their own permit expires at the same date that the investor’s permit expires.

Only if you come from a country, whose citizens are required to get an en-try visa in order to come to Greece.

At the Directorate of Foreign Citizens and Immigration of the Decentralized Administration, at the location of his residence. In some areas though, the application should be submitted to the Municipality of his/her residence. In the latter case, the file must transferred to the Decentralized Administra-tion within 15 days.

The Secretary General of the Decentralized Administration.

-He/she may stay continuously in Greece for its whole duration

- He/she may travel to other Schengen countries without a visa, but his/her stay in those countries cannot exceed 90 days in each 6-month period.

- He/she has access to health or education services, just like any Greek citizen.

It must be issued within 2 months from the day on which the application was submitted or reached the Decentralized Administration.


- If all the supporting documents are submitted, a proof of submission Is issued.

- If an application for a residence permit is submitted for the first time, this proof of submission is issued, even if the supporting documents with regard to the in-surance coverage or the medical certificate of the applicant will be submitted at a later date.

You may travel freely as often as you wish to/from Greece. Attention: you are not allowed to travel to any other Schengen country. This means that any flight schedule that requires a flight transfer at the airport of an other Schengen country should be avoided.


The members of their family may apply. The same applies to persons assisting those family members provided that the latter are disabled or have special needs. The duration of those permits ends when the residence permit of the per-son on whom they base their right expires

Citizens of countries, which are not members of the European Union

An investment is considered to be strategic when is a relevant Decision of the Interministerial Committee of Strategic Investments has been issued (Law 3894/2010—Gov’t Gazette Α’ 204)

- The legal representative of the entity, which implements the investment

- up to 10 persons, for which a residence permit is considered to be neces-sary in order to implement the investment

At “Greek-Investment Agency”.

The Minister of Interiors issues a decision.

- He/shecan stay continuously in Greece as long as the residence permit is valid.

- He/she can travel to other Schengen countries for up to 90 days for every six-month period.

- He/she has access to health or education services in Greece just like any Greek citizen.