Properties’ Prices
During the last few years Greece has been known worldwide for the economic recession that has been through.
The economic crisis has had a significant impact on the prices of the properties. Statistics during these years showed that the properties’ prices have been sharply decreased by 30-50%.
Thus, the current economic situation in Greece could be exploited as a unique chance to invest in one of the most beautiful places in the world! 
“Value for Money”: The economic field of constructions has been edgy for years for the Greek economy. In simple words, this means that there is a huge variety of properties, of very high quality, to choose from. The minimum cost of 250,000€ for a property purchase, in addition to the low property prices, compared to those of other EU countries demonstrate that the combination  of value and quality can prove to be a real bargain.
However, as any arousing bargain, this can not last forever. There is a worldwide growing interest in investments which could lead to a gradual value rising. This means that anyone really interested should not delay investing at the right moment… which is now!
Source: BankofGreece